Lady Reveals how Rats Almost made her a Victim of Cooking Gas Explosion

A Nigerian woman with the handle @missyposhkitchen has uncovered how she was spared from a looming cooking gas blast.

The woman said she saw her gas chamber completes before the due date and she needed to call an architect to do a check. Upon examination, they saw that rodent had eaten the channel of the gas which was causing the hole.

The woman proceeded to encourage individuals to consistently check for gas spill before beginning to cook since it may prompt a blast.

She composed:

“This is a great testimony! I noticed my gas has been using few days to finish over 2months. I’ve been worried what has been causing the gas to finish under few days gas that used to last 3weeks to 1month started using 1week. So today i called engineer to check this and when he brought out the gas to check the back we found out rat has eaten the pipe of the gas🙆‍♂️😱😳 and I’ve been cooking with it like that over 2months

My advice to everyone out there always check your gas properly before starting to cook everyday it is very important. Never feel lazy to use few seconds to check the pipe connector before cooking.

I’m a living testimony🙆‍♂️🙏 some is not up to this and exploded. Alhamdulilahi”

See her post beneath;

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